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高便蓮 Ko Bin Lin
高便蓮生於香港。先後獲英國考文垂大學藝術文學學士及香港中文大學藝術文學碩 士學位。 高便蓮的創作關注大自然和人的關係,擁抱生活,深觀生命,積極傳播其快樂創作 的精神。她認為由發想、形成創作概念、沉澱思緒、取捨精粹,到選定創作物料, 動手製作,當中的創作過程,其重要性往往不下於作品本身。她善用玻璃、木頭和 各式各樣的工具,她視之如朋友,每次創作皆是一次私密的對話。
Ko Bin-Lin was born in Hong Kong . She successively obtained a Bachelor of Fine
Arts from Coventry University in the United Kingdom and a Master of Fine Arts from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Ko Bin-Lin’s creation pays attention to the relationship between nature and mankind, embraces livelihood, observes life deeply, and actively spreads her happy creative spirit.

She believes that the importance of the creative process, from the creation of ok ideas, the formation of creative concepts, the precipitation of thoughts, the selection of the essence, to the selection of creative materials and hands-on production, is often no less important than the work itself. She makes good use of glass, wood and various tools. She regards them as friends, and each creation is a private conversation among them .
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