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隨著他涉足新的藝術領域,雕塑藝術與空間之間的界限消失,催生出引人入勝且發人深省的創作。每一次嘗試,他 都試圖挑戰傳統的觀念,重新定義藝術和建築領域的可能性。
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Kit-wai Chan
Kit-Wai is an accomplished professional who has dedicated several years to studying and working in the architectural field. With a specialization in digital fabrication and computational modeling, Kit-Wai possesses a strong commitment to design-to-production processes.

Having completed a master's degree program in computational architecture at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Denmark, Kit-Wai further pursued a passion for sculpture art at the Visual Art Centre in Hong Kong. This multidisciplinary journey has allowed Kit-Wai to explore a broader range of territories that lie at the intersection of sculpture art and space.

Drawing upon a diverse skill set and a deep understanding of digital technologies, Kit-Wai approaches artistic creation with a unique perspective. The fusion of architectural knowledge and sculptural expression enables Kit-Wai to create captivating artworks that blur the boundaries between art and the built environment.

With an unwavering dedication to innovation and a meticulous attention to detail, Kit-Wai continues to push the boundaries of artistic exploration. Through the integration of digital fabrication techniques, computational modeling, and a profound understanding of spatial relationships, Kit-Wai's works inspire contemplation and engage viewers in a dialogue about the transformative power of art.

As Kit-Wai ventures into new artistic territories, the boundaries between sculpture art and space dissolve, giving rise to evocative and thought-provoking creations. With each endeavor, Kit-Wai seeks to challenge traditional perceptions and redefine the possibilities within the realm of art and architecture
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