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何遠良 Ho Yuen Leung
何遠良於香港中文大學修讀藝術, 主修雕塑。 他 熱愛大自然,喜歡戶外工作和戶外 藝術創作。

近年 創作的一部分為 修改以往的作品 作品 經過反復雕琢,造型愈見狹、長、細、薄,幾至無法站立。作品一般沒有標題,只註明材料、創作年份和尺寸;部分造型近乎線 狀 或平面, 立體特徵被淡化 ,只標示最明顯的尺寸。選材方面, 多為台灣相思。

Leung graduated from the Fine Arts Department of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, major in sculpture. Leung loves nature, enjoys outdoor work and making art outdoor.

Leung likes to collect fallen tresses and branches, mostly Taiwan Acacia, and use them to create sculptures. The wood will be carved repeatedly. After repeated fine-tuning, the works become so thin and tiny that they are almost unable to stand. His works usually bear no titles and state only the material, date of creation and size. Bordering on slenderness or tenuousness with less prominent 3D features, some provide the most significant dimensions only.

His sculptures have smooth and simple contours yet in extreme forms that produce an effect of being on the verge of falling and breaking. The viewers will hold their breath involuntarily, least the works would tip over by their slightest movement.
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