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Ronald Lu & Partners

Architectural Assistant

Kit-wai Chan


Wuhan, China

Building height


Site area

1260,000 m2

Year of design


Image credit

Kit-wai Chan & Ronald Lu & Partners

In the initial stages of the design process, a scaled physical model was used to explore different landforms and gain an understanding of the vast site. The project embraces a landscape as architecture approach, and a series of sketch models were created to capture brainstormed ideas. The collaborative effort of the team was crucial in bringing this concept to life.

The design introduces an indoor-outdoor landscape-like F&B (Food and Beverage) layout along the super tower, creating a unique experience where shopping takes place within a park, maintaining a constant visual connection with the Tallest tree, a 648m tower in Wuhan. This innovative concept will redefine the shopping mall experience. Additionally, the park seamlessly guides visitors from the super tower all the way to the basement and across another lot without any disruptions.

The integration of the mall with the basement and surrounding landscape sets it apart, making it contextually significant to the locals in Wuhan. Offering a safe, 24-hour, and air-clean indoor landscape environment along with access to the riverside, this mall fulfills a vital need in Wuhan, where extreme weather and air pollution are prevalent. It will undoubtedly be the most desirable way to enjoy the park in Wuhan.

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