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Pedestrian overpass

Project type

Bridge Design






all credit to dw dk

The Hulishan Pedestrian Bridge is a proposed architectural marvel designed to connect the main access road to the university and the upcoming metro station on the northern side of Huandao Road. This bridge not only facilitates safe pedestrian access across Huandao Road but also links to the Wood Path Plaza, providing direct access to the beach and the bus station.

Design Objectives:
The primary goal of this bridge is to ensure safe pedestrian passage. However, it also offers a unique vantage point for enjoying scenic views of the beach and the sea. The design aims to create an elegant, modern bridge that harmonizes with the town's beautiful landscape, characterized by its luxurious vegetation. This bridge is envisioned to be a catalyst for further development in the area.

Visual and Structural Considerations:
A key consideration in the design is to maintain the existing beautiful views from vehicles approaching from the east towards the sea and the Xiamen Twin Towers. To avoid obstructing these views, the design avoids tall masts or arches, opting instead for a slender structure. The bridge's design is a blend of aesthetic appeal and practicality, offering value for money through a unique yet rational structure. It is planned to be constructed with minimal disruption to traffic and designed for low maintenance.

Bridge Design:
The bridge extends across Huandao Road in a sweeping curve. Access is provided by stairways: one parallel to the sidewalk near the bus stop and university access road on the northern side, and another on the Wood Path Plaza, angled parallel to the beachside balustrade on the southern side.

Structural Details:
The bridge deck is a steel box with an asymmetric cross-section, supported by an inclined fin. This fin, along with a curved steel top cord and closely spaced vertical steel struts, functions as a Vierendeel truss. The structure is further supported by three concrete piers, each with a circular footprint and a rectangular cross-section at the top. The steps of the stairways are recessed in steel boxes, designed to match the shape of the bridge's main span.

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