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This project utilizes an emergent building type, the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), as a link between a cultural heritage building and new zoning regulations, introducing a novel and innovative design process in Råå, Sweden (Research Paper by Per-Johan Dahl). The form is derived from the contextual points and lines, adhering to constraints to create surfaces and spaces. The transition from the existing living room to the new living area goes beyond a narrow approach; it reflects the cultural heritage of the place and emphasizes the quality of dynamic space. Responding to the sculpted form of the black facade, the contrast of pure white interior walls guides you to the living zone. The L-shaped transitional space shifts the visual axis perpendicular to the living space, while the tar paper, unobtrusively blending with the historical environment, acts as the finishing layer in undertone black.


Smog Studio

Lead architect

Per-Johan Dahl and Caroline Dahl


Kit-wai Chan


Helsingborg, Sweden


Fredrik Dahl and Caroline Dahl

Year of completion



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