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Architectural design





This project involves the design and creation of a two-story studio flat tailored for Sze, a graphic designer based in Malaysia. The studio flat is conceptualized to blend work and living spaces seamlessly, catering to the dynamic and creative lifestyle of a modern graphic designer.

First Floor - Studio Space:
The ground floor of the studio flat is dedicated to Sze's professional needs. It encompasses a spacious studio area, a meeting room, and a workshop. This floor is designed to inspire creativity and facilitate productive work sessions. The studio space is equipped with state-of-the-art design tools and ample natural light to foster a conducive working environment. The meeting room is crafted to be both comfortable and professional, ideal for client meetings and collaborative projects. The workshop area allows for hands-on creative work, equipped with all necessary tools and materials.

Second Floor - Bedroom with a View:
The second floor houses the private living space, primarily the bedroom. A unique feature of this bedroom is its view overlooking the entire workshop space below. This design choice is intentional, symbolizing the seamless integration of work and life for a creative professional like Sze. The bedroom is designed to be a tranquil, minimalist space, providing a peaceful retreat from the bustling work area downstairs. Large windows ensure ample natural light, enhancing the sense of openness and connection to the workspace below.

Design Aesthetics:
The overall design aesthetic of the studio flat is modern and minimalist, with an emphasis on open spaces and clean lines. The use of natural materials and a neutral color palette creates a sense of calm and clarity, essential for a creative work environment. The design also incorporates elements of Malaysian culture, adding a personal touch that resonates with Sze's heritage.

Functional and Inspirational:
Every aspect of the studio flat is designed with functionality and inspiration in mind. The layout facilitates easy movement between work and living areas, while the interior design is tailored to stimulate creativity and productivity. The studio flat is not just Sze's workplace; it's a manifestation of her creative vision and professional aspirations.

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