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This Artworks proposal presents a captivating installation that will grace the podium of the residential building, creating a remarkable focal point within the space. Inspired by the profound words of Lao Tze, 'In the world, there is nothing more submissive and weak than water. Yet for attacking that which is hard and strong, nothing can surpass it,' the artwork aims to capture the moment when water gracefully splashes through the air.

The art form takes on the shape of the enchanting moment of a water splash, frozen in time. The composition accentuates an elegant S-shape, evoking a sense of fluidity and movement reminiscent of dancers gracefully moving through space. Crafted from bronze metal, the artwork exudes a timeless allure and a sense of strength, symbolizing the delicate yet formidable nature of water.

The strategic placement of this artwork on the podium ensures its visibility and impact, creating an inviting and engaging atmosphere for residents and visitors. The bronze sculpture becomes a visual representation of the quote by Lao Tze, inviting viewers to reflect on the harmonious coexistence of strength and grace.

Through its striking form and profound symbolism, this Artwork serves as a powerful reminder of the power of nature and the beauty found in its subtle yet impactful moments. The presence of this bronze sculpture on the podium will elevate the overall ambiance of the space, offering a contemplative and inspiring experience for all who encounter it.

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