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WKGO Wall Art

Project type

Installation Art





Design Team

Kit-wai Chan + Ajar

The installation art project, a collaboration between Kit-Wai and architectural firm Ajar, presents a captivating experience within a bustling environment. Designed as a parametric wall, the installation showcases a unique interplay of perspective and imagery.

The wall is meticulously crafted with three perspective points, and each point serves as the reference for a trimmed box. The boxes are precisely aligned, ensuring that every surface is perpendicular to its corresponding point. As a result, each box unit features three surfaces, creating a visually intriguing composition.

Within this framework, three different images are carefully placed on each surface of the boxes. As viewers move around the installation, walking from different locations, the wall seemingly transitions from one image to another. This dynamic effect, despite the static nature of the wall, brings a sense of movement and transformation to the space.

Situated in a busy lobby or high-traffic area, the parametric wall becomes a captivating screen-like presence. It offers a visual spectacle that engages and intrigues passersby, adding an element of dynamic art to the surroundings. The carefully curated images and the interplay of perspective create an immersive experience, transforming the space into a captivating and ever-changing visual journey.

Keywords: installation art, collaboration, Ajar, parametric wall, perspective points, trimmed box, perpendicular surfaces, dynamic screen, imagery, movement, transformation, busy lobby, high-traffic area, visual spectacle, engagement, immersive experience.

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