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Kwun Tong City Mapping

Project type

Wall Art




Hong Kong

In the vibrant district of Kwun Tong, a captivating wall art project has taken shape. This large-scale installation, designed by Kit-Wai and fabricator LAAB, spans across a rusty metal board, serving as a monumental map of the area. The wall art is constructed using a variety of bolts, each size carefully chosen to represent the height of buildings in an abstract manner.

The interplay between the rusty metal board and the meticulously placed bolts creates a visually striking composition. As viewers engage with the artwork, they are invited to interpret the relationship between the bolts and the buildings they symbolize. The abstract representation adds a layer of intrigue and exploration to the piece, encouraging individuals to immerse themselves in the dynamic energy of Kwun Tong.

This monumental wall art project not only serves as an aesthetic enhancement to the surroundings but also sparks conversation about the unique architectural landscape of Kwun Tong. By reimagining the physical dimensions of the buildings through the use of bolts, the artwork celebrates the district's urban identity and provides a visual spectacle for both residents and visitors alike.

Keywords: Kwun Tong, wall art, large-scale installation, rusty metal board, bolts, abstract representation, architectural landscape, visual composition, dynamic energy, aesthetic enhancement, urban identity, visual spectacle, exploration.

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