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Welcome to the collaborative furniture design and built project by Kit-Wai and Ricci_Wong in Artlab studio, in partnership with the esteemed group "JUP YEAH." This special project was initiated by JUP YEAH, an innovative online swap platform, promoting the values of sharing, sustainability, and reducing waste.

JUP YEAH is an online swap platform where people share preloved goods and exchange them with others. It's a community dedicated to reducing waste and overconsumption through the belief in sharing useful items. The platform is 100% human-managed and upholds strong environmental and social values, offering an easy and accessible jupping process.

As part of this invitation project, Kit-Wai and Ricci_Wong collaborated on the design and construction of a special display modular for the exhibition. Given the limited lead time, our team conceptualized a versatile solution to showcase the curated items. The design revolves around a unique mound structure that allows for various compositions of modular display shelves, creating an engaging and dynamic exhibition environment.

The shelves themselves are crafted from heat-bended PVC with a sand brass finish, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall design. The innovative joint design ensures quick and efficient assembly on-site, allowing for flexibility and adaptability throughout the exhibition.

Parametric design principles served as the foundation for this project, enabling us to create a modular system that seamlessly integrates with the exhibition space. The meticulous attention to detail and thoughtful craftsmanship are evident in every aspect of the display, enhancing the overall visual experience and highlighting the showcased items.

By collaborating with JUP YEAH and Artlab studio, Kit-Wai and Ricci_Wong have created a functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture design that aligns with the core values of JUP YEAH's online swap platform. Through this project, we aim to inspire visitors to embrace sustainable practices, appreciate the beauty of shared resources, and challenge the norms of overconsumption.

We invite you to explore this unique collaboration and witness the transformative power of design, sustainability, and community engagement. Join us in celebrating the art of sharing and discover a world where furniture design goes hand in hand with promoting a more conscious and responsible way of living.

Keywords: furniture design and built, collaborative project, Artlab studio, JUP YEAH, online swap platform, sharing economy, sustainability, reducing waste, preloved goods, Juppers, environmental values, social values, exhibition design, display modular, versatile solution, mound structure, modular display shelves, heat-bended PVC, sand brass finish, joint design, parametric design, craftsmanship, visual experience, functionality, aesthetic appeal, sustainability practices, shared resources, overconsumption, transformative design, community engagement, conscious living.

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