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The collaborative furniture design project between Kit-Wai and LAAB in Hong Kong resulted in a unique bench located at Tsun Yip Street, Kwun Tong. As the founder of this project, Kit-Wai drew inspiration from Kwun Tong's rich industrial history. The bench, designed as an installation art piece, is composed of nuts and supported by welded metal rebar.

The concept behind the design was to incorporate elements of Kwun Tong's architectural landscape. The arrangement of nuts reflects the map of Kwun Tong, with different sizes representing the varying heights of buildings in the area. By using nuts as the boundary, the bench pays homage to the district's industrial background and serves as a visual representation of its history.

Placed outdoors, the passage of time has given the bench a rusted appearance, adding an additional layer of storytelling to the piece. The transformation of the material further enhances its artistic value, blurring the line between furniture design and installation art.

This thought-provoking bench stands as a testament to the fusion of design, history, and art. It invites visitors to reflect on the industrial heritage of Kwun Tong while providing a functional and visually captivating seating solution in the park.

Keywords: collaborative furniture design, in-house project, Kwun Tong, bench, nuts, metal rebar, industrial background, installation art, architectural landscape, nuts as boundary, varying heights, outdoor placement, rusty appearance, storytelling, time's passage, fusion of design and art, industrial heritage, functional seating, visual captivation, park.

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