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8 Fishes

Project type

Graphic Design





In this graphic design project, Kit-Wai presents a visually captivating composition featuring continuous curves arranged in a spiral circular form. Within this arrangement, there are multiple curves that create an expansive space, resembling the shape of a fish. The design incorporates a total of eight fish-like figures, each contributing to the overall visual narrative.

At the center of this intricate composition, a vibrant yellow dot serves as a focal point, representing the ultimate goal of the design. This central element draws attention and reinforces the significance of the artistic concept.

Through this graphic design, Kit-Wai skillfully combines elements of geometry and organic forms, resulting in a dynamic and visually engaging composition. The interplay of curves and the incorporation of fish-like shapes add depth and symbolism to the overall design, inviting viewers to explore and interpret its meaning.

Keywords: graphic design, continuous curves, spiral circular form, fish-like shapes, vibrant composition, focal point, visual narrative, artistic concept, geometry, organic forms, symbolism.

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