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Dong Dong Technology

Project type

Graphic Design





In collaboration with Dong Dong Technology, Kit-Wai has embarked on an exciting graphic design project for their innovative high-tech mirror brand. This cutting-edge mirror incorporates a digital screen that connects users to tutorial videos or apps, enabling them to engage in exercise routines directly in front of the mirror. Essentially, it functions as a fitness mirror.

Kit-Wai's contribution to this project involves the creation of a dynamic logo design specifically tailored for the mirror. Drawing inspiration from the mirror's capabilities and the client's brand identity, the logo features a captivating "D" formed by parametric dots of varying scales. This unique design adds a sense of modernity and technological sophistication to the overall brand image.

One of the remarkable features of the logo is its ability to change colors. Leveraging the mirror's advanced technology, small RGB LEDs embedded within the mirror allow for dynamic color variations within the logo design. This dynamic aspect further enhances the brand's visual impact and versatility.

Through this innovative logo design, Kit-Wai successfully merges aesthetics and functionality, creating a visually striking and brand-aligned representation for Dong Dong Technology's high-tech mirror brand.

Keywords: graphic design, high-tech mirror, fitness mirror, dynamic logo design, parametric dots, brand identity, modernity, technological sophistication, color variation, RGB LEDs, aesthetics, functionality.

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