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For the artist portfolio editing project of 劉梵天 (Liu Fantian), Kit-Wai employed a dynamic and multi-layered collage approach to enhance the visual presentation.

劉梵天 is a renowned artist known for his captivating artworks that blend traditional and contemporary elements. With a diverse background spanning various artistic disciplines, including painting, sculpture, and installation, 劉梵天's portfolio showcases his artistic journey and creative exploration.

In designing the portfolio, Kit-Wai incorporated a collage technique to create a visually engaging and dynamic composition. By layering different elements such as photographs, sketches, and snippets of artworks, the design aims to capture the essence of 劉梵天's artistic style and the diversity of his creative expressions.

The collage approach not only adds a sense of vibrancy and movement to the portfolio but also reflects the artist's ability to seamlessly merge various influences and techniques in his work. Each layer within the collage represents a different facet of 劉梵天's artistic practice, creating an immersive and captivating experience for viewers.

Through the use of this multi-layered collage design, Kit-Wai brings 劉梵天's artistic journey to life, showcasing the artist's versatility, creativity, and unique perspective.

Keywords: artist portfolio editing, 劉梵天 (Liu Fantian), collage technique, dynamic composition, traditional and contemporary elements, artistic journey, creative exploration, photographs, sketches, snippets of artworks, vibrancy, movement, merging influences and techniques, versatility, creativity, unique perspective.

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