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失蹤 Logo

Project type

Graphic Design





For a group of painters, Kit-Wai undertook a graphic design project to create a brand name and logo for their workshop, called "失蹤" (missing), which translates to "Disappear" or "Missing." The workshop aims to provide an artistic space where people can come together, create art alongside strangers, and experience moments of relaxation and self-discovery.

The design concept emphasizes the character "人" (rén) meaning "people" within the character "失" (shī) meaning "lose" or "disappear." Kit-Wai approached the design using a typography-based approach, focusing on visually highlighting the character "人" to convey the essence of the workshop.

By placing emphasis on "人," the design visually represents the connection between individuals within the context of "失" (shī), creating a sense of intrigue and exploration. The typography design not only communicates the brand name effectively but also captures the essence of the workshop's purpose—bringing people together, creating art, and experiencing a temporary disappearance from their everyday lives.

The graphic design by Kit-Wai for the "失蹤" workshop encapsulates the workshop's concept and serves as a compelling visual representation of the transformative and engaging experience participants can expect.

Keywords: graphic design, brand name, workshop, painters, "失蹤" (mising), art creation, relaxation, self-discovery, typography-based design, emphasis on "人" (rén), connection, intrigue, exploration, temporary disappearance.

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