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Slow Snail

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This artwork is a testament to my creative vision and craftsmanship. The material chosen for this piece is recycled aluminum, aligning with my commitment to sustainability. The making method employed is sand-casting, a technique that allows for intricate details and a unique texture.

The form of the artwork is characterized by sharp edges and a distinctive silhouette reminiscent of a snail in motion. This design choice conveys a sense of organic movement and intrigue, captivating viewers with its enigmatic presence. The sharp edges juxtapose the inherent softness of the snail motif, creating a compelling visual contrast.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the sand-casted recycled aluminum sculpture showcases the inherent beauty and versatility of the material. Its textured surface adds depth and dimension, inviting observers to explore the artwork from different angles and appreciate its tactile qualities.

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