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<Out of the room >
Empty room with scars: it has been tortured by bugs; a distorted, seems dying but a living hole was left. Gone through stormy weather and draught. Actually, it grows somewhere else. 
陳雅姿 Tristan Chan
生於香港郊區,為英國註冊藝術治療師。曾陪伴徘徊生死邊緣的人透過藝術轉化情緒。及後將經歷滲入了個人創作:將情感、關係、生死等議題在雕塑中探索呈現。著有《擁抱不完美-野生藝術治療師》(2016)及《敍別逸離- 困難時刻的藝術與治療》(2021)。
Born and bred in a subvert area in Hong Kong, Tristan Chan is a UK registered art psychotherapist. She supported dying people to express emotions with the arts. These experiences reflected on her art practice. She explored and expressed affection, relation, and life and death issues through sculpture as an artist. The author of ‘Embracing imperfect - art therapist in the wild’ (2016); and ‘Expressing losses and be at ease- art and therapy at challenging times(2021).
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