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Wuhan CTF Centre



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* All copyrights belong to Ronald Lu & Partners.

Ronald Lu & Partners

Kit Wai Chan (Master layout and Retail Team)


Commerical, Office, Hotel and Residential


1260,000 m2

Wuhan, China



In the earlier stage of the design, by introducing different land form through the scaled physical model acquires the understanding of the giant site. The landscape as architecture approach was introduced in this project. A series of the sketch models depict the brainstorm idea. The team working is the key to making this concept moves. 

By introducing in and out landscape-like F&B layout along the super tower to let shopping inside a park and constantly have a visual connection with Tallest tree, the 648m tower in Wuhan. This will be a brand new experience for a shopping mall. Moreover, this park will seamlessly lead your journey all the way to the basement and across another lot without VIEW C notice.


The mall going through the basement and landscape makes this mall unique to the site context which is meaningful to Wuhan locals. Providing a safe, 24 hours and air clean indoor landscape environment and Riverside to the shopper to enjoy is really needed in Wuhan due to the extreme weather and polluted air. This will definitely the most welcome way to enjoy the park in Wuhan.


C-1 J.jpg
Ñ1t j.jpg
Ñ2 j.jpg

By introducing tree pots and trees in multi-level, this gives a forest like architecture serve as a buffer from the city and the light rail, yet gives the perfect threshold for the park inside. Architecture form gives a clear and bold message no matter from the light rail and street level. 

A covered walkway brings people all the way to Heart of the Park Mall. Multilevel entrance give a completely different feeling when approaching PARK/MALL, yet all spaces can interact with each other


v03-B j.jpg

A 5 storey iconic entrance at the corner connecting B2 (MTR level) up to Level 3, gives a bold statement for K11. By introducing a sunken courtyard brings light and landscape down to B2 MTR level.

v01-B j.jpg
Wuhan CTF Centre

Wuhan CTF Centre

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In the ongoing process of the project, the final design or outcome might not match the initial design here.

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