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Kit Wai Chan

Tutored by Dr. Charlie Q. L. Xue

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Architectural Studies

City University of Hong Kong 

Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering​


The site is covered by the natural landscape at the slope of topographic which directly face to the south-east Mong Tung Wan. Different natural element embeds in the site area which is rock, grassland, river, trees, beach, and the sea. The design development is inspired by those natural elements. The character and reconfiguration of the ground plane were foregrounded in the project formal investigation due to the specific topography. Conceptual redefinition of the site was achieved by extracting the geometry and framing the view by creating a unique form. 


The architectural form opens multi-level connection of the existing topography. The design of the amphitheater is generated by the landform where continues to the building roof. Framing view from the classroom uphill is the amphitheater, other is the sea view. 



The key building is the classroom as a demonstrator which emerges a type of formation how to acquire a balance between the landscape and the architecture.  

The layers from the natural environment are the key aspect of the design.  Material and color changes in a sequence. To embed the design in this land formation, the transition of each contour/level is important. Axis connection is the first illustration to directly understand the relationship between levels and form.  


R_ext2 p.png
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